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IN WORLD is the political and geographical center of Middangeard, and contains the Inner Baronies, the Outer Baronies, and the Outer Arc, which marks the end of what is considered “civilization”, leading into the various wildernesses and badlands that make up Mid World. Historically, all that could ever said to be civilization was centered squarely on In World, which has hosted the capital of three world-spanning empires, the most recent being the Third Empire which was ruled by Empress Dusk and the Five Founders. Mountains, impenetrable forests, and raging rivers mark the borders of In World, making even crossing into Mid World a treacherous affair.

Barony of New Canaan

The most central Barony of In-World, and the center of civilization in Middangeard. It is home to the Ordos Equuis, also known as the Aurora Guard, and is the seat of the Affiliation.

  • Settlements
    • Gilead: The capital of New Canaan, and the training grounds of the Aurora Guard. This sprawling city consists of three sections: the Imperial Palace, which has remained in near perfect condition since the fall of the Third Empire; the upper city, which is where the nobility and upper class live; the lower city, which is also the merchant quarter and home to the middle class; and the slums, a patchwork of new and old structures where the lower class live. Surrounding the city for miles are apple orchards, which were planted by Eerlikheid the Founder when the city was first established.
    • Hemphill: As can be inferred by the name, this fair sized town mostly produces hemp products, mostly clothing and rope. Farming is also thriving here, providing a good deal of produce for the Barony.
    • Kingstown: A decent sized port city, renowned for its shipyards and known across New Canaan for its thriving fishing industry.
    • Pennilton: Surrounded by apple orchards, Pennilton was the final home and resting place of the Founder Eerlikheid. Exports (besides apples) include wool and graf, a malted alcoholic beverage produced using apples.
    • Taunton: Taunton’s main export is steel, which is used to forge armor, weapons, and other pieces of equipment for the New Canaanite Army and the Aurora Guard. Besides this, the city also exports a good quantity of milk.

Barony of Mejis

  • Settlements
    • Hambry: The capital of Mejis, and home to a great number of its citizens. The town thrives on raising mounts and work animals.
    • Bar K: A once sizable village that was burned to the ground, leaving only a small ranch consisting of a bunk house, the ranch house, and a few outlying sheds and barns.
    • Ritzy: A small village, with the primary export of coal.
    • Dogan: A strange fortress, locked away and impenetrable. The people of Mejis fear it to be haunted.

Barony of Cressia

Cressia, once a thriving civilized region beyond the Shaved Mountains to the west of New Canaan, Cressia was thrown into chaos only a few short years ago. The entire region devolved into riots and civil war, with barbarian tribes to the north raiding the once peaceful region frequently.

  • Settlements
    • Indrie: Once the capital seat of Cressia, it was burned to the ground by barbarian tribes. As a warning to others, the mutilated corpses of foals and their mothers are strewn from the city walls, and the heads of the brave stallions who died defending the city to the bitter end are mounted on pikes, surrounding the city.

Southern Territories

A region plagued by frequent fighting between city states, the Southern Territories border the Mohane Desert, leading into Mid World.

  • Desoy: A minor barony. It’s capital is Tomesbury.
  • Tepachi: A minor barony. The Arcane University is located here, and the only places worth visiting surround it.

Eastern Territories

Known as the Outer Arc, the Eastern Territories contain many rivers, forests, and mountain ranges, and are considered the fringes of civilization.

  • Delain: A castle-city, formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Delain before it fell to dragons a few hundred years ago. Delain is a shadow of its former self.
  • Desatoya: A minor Barony, containing a few small villages and a fort where the ruling noble resides. One village of note is Eluria, which was once a prosperous gem mine until it was tapped out.
  • Garlan: A tobacco growing region, once plagued by dragons. A wandering knight slew the dragon’s leader, causing the rest to scatter to the winds, to be picked off by other heroes.

River Barony

Consisting mostly of points to cross the mighty River Styx, the River Barony makes a large amount of its profit on bridge tolls and ferry rides. Boats patrol the length of the Styx for many miles, ensuring that the toll for crossing is paid by any who dare to slip by.

  • Settlements
    • River Crossing: A good sized town, it is one of the few large, permanent settlements in the River Barony.
    • Thistledown: A small village at the northernmost border of the Barony and directly on the Styx, Thistledown has been plagued by malicious, sentient plant creatures that come from the nearby Eversummer Forest. The source of this recent infestation has not been found. Thistledown is a logging town, sending logs down river to River Crossing for use in building structures, boats, and any other number of items.

In World

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